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Artist Bio Monika Arturi - Watercolorist

Watercolor plein air Chicago riverwalk
Plein air on the riverwalk
Monika Arturi painting watercolors in the studio
Painting in the sun

Monika Arturi is a self-taught watercolorist artist working in Chicago’s historic West Loop. Her artworks are transportive and evoke a sense of nostalgia from daily life and imagination. Inspired by her travels, the energy of local artists, as well as by giants like Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, and MC Escher, she thrives to put much of herself in all of her artworks and offer the viewer a sense of belonging. Monika paints with the Plein-Air Painters of Chicago and Urban Sketchers of Chicago as well as running her own sketching workshop. 

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Sketching Workshop at the Art Institute
Sketching at the Art Institute
The Palette and Chisel Exhibit 2018
The Palette and Chisel Exhibit 2018
Monika Arturi with the USK Chicago group urban sketching
Urban Sketching with USk Chicago
Monika Arturi Urban Sketching in Chicago
Sketching Workshop in Chicago